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Please do not start a new account if you forgot your information

If you are still experiencing difficulties, simply contact us at Dan

If you raced in GNSS races last year, Last years login & Password will still work. Your Driver number will be the same as last year. If you need help E-mail

If you do not have a profile set up from last year. You must set up a profile.

All drivers must have ISR racing insurance. In order to compete in the trail class or any other class for any GNSS event you will need an ISR full or single event membership

Race number will be first come first serve.

Here is an example of how it works. If Bob Anderson (racing only in Pro classes) wants to be number 57, he’ll get that if he is first. If Johnny Toga comes in and wants to race in the 120 classes with #57, he will have to put in 57X for his bib number, but on his individual machine(s) he can still enter it as 57. Make sense?

Race weekend check in

When you sign up Online you must check in on the night before (Friday) or Saturday morning.

  • This is mandatory
  • It's your responsibly to check that you are in the right classes.
  • Must have a copy of your ISR insurance card.
  • Or the Digital copy on your smart phone.
  • You must sign a waiver again for the weekend at the track

How do I sign up to race???

There are two ways to sign up to race. The first way is the easiest one, you go to the Race Day website set up for us fill out the membership info. pick a bib number (sled number) and fill out your profile and select a membership type. Once that is done click the event you want to enter and follow the instructions. When you check out if you have not purchase an yearly membership you will be charged a one day GNSS membership fee $30.00. You must have ISR insurance to race$40.00 for the weekend. The second way to sign up is to sign up on the day of the race on site, all classes are $10.00 more and the ISR insurance MUST still be purchased online, So you must have a credit card for insurance. You will still be charged a one day membership fee of $30.00. if you are not a yearly member. Race Day entry form You must check-in on race day and sign your wavers before you can get on the track with either way you sign up.

If anyone has problems with the new membership site e-mail me ASAP so I can help you with it. Dan