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Race Schedule

ISR Insurance is now available for purchase for the 2018-2019 race season. Please purchase your license as it is mandatory to have ISR Insurance while racing with GNSS. Also, any racer from GNSS series must also have ISR insurance in order to race with ISOC. Here

Fuse Fuels is now the official Fuel of the Great Northern Snocross Series: FUSE Race Fuels have the most consistent, most powerful, and cleanest combustion in the industry.   FUSE Race Fuels only use chemical grade components ensuring each batch is produced the same as the last.  Our unleaded Race fuels are not photo sensitive guaranteeing sunlight will not attack the fuel and erode the fuels octane.   Whether you need conventional fuels, oxygenated fuels, or fuel additives we have you covered.    When you depend on power, consistency, and component lifeā€¦ depend on FUSE Fuels. GNSS has agreed so make Fuse Comp L110 available at the track for our racers.  A 5 gallon pail sells for $50.  We bring limited quantities so please let us know ahead of time if you want some brought to the race.  Email to make sure we have some for you on race day. 

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